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09 Jan 2012
This is way more hpelful than anything else I've looked at.
22 Nov 2011
Shut it Pep.
30 Sep 2011
Always take 17man squad to Barton.
27 Jul 2011
By any chance is the tour to Zante?
21 Jul 2011
Fantasy football up and running - check news or facebook
26 May 2011
05 May 2011
Ha ha, quality!! Next time I'll try and have a shite before the game!!
04 May 2011
25 Apr 2011
Lovejoy and looks like a Mitchel brother in this one!
25 Apr 2011
Braddy, your face in this is hilarity -
22 Apr 2011
I've got the celebration sorted for when i can play again...
20 Mar 2011
14 Mar 2011
You leave and we start winning. Hmmm, you can't argue with science Martin. And that looks like a pretty scientific conclusion to me.
13 Mar 2011
Good wins guys! Gotta keep it going now!
24 Feb 2011
Stokes (Gaz Kershaw appreciation society)
Gaz Kershaw only has two speeds, walk and kill. Gaz Kershaw doesn't breathe, he holds air hostage. Gaz Kershaw's most recent forecast for Saturday: "Cloudy, with a 90% chance of pain!". Gaz Kershaw destroyed the periodic table upon seeing it for the first time - he only recognises the element of surprise.
24 Feb 2011
Only 4 goals conceded in my stint in net as well, that must be some kind of record
24 Feb 2011
Do I try faking a tackle on Saturday? i am worried I am going to confuse myself and then the 1v1 game is all but over
13 Feb 2011
Martin W
Hey guys, just incase you wanted to see where I am and what I'm up to, I've got a blog set up to document my activities abroad. You can find it at: Plus, on the right-hand side menu, there's a link so you can subscribe to the blog so when we post something you'll get a notification sent to your email address! Wonderful, eh? P.S. don't forget to check your email and confirm it first. See you all in 18 months!
17 Jan 2011
I did score a goal though - boom!!
17 Jan 2011
I'd like to retract my previous statement. It was pig headed and arrogant and I'd consequently like to apologize to all my fans.
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